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Youngster Yogi


Youngster Yogi is a unique program dedicated to teach effective life skills and high quality yoga to children and adolescents. The pressure placed on children/adolescents in today’s society can be very overwhelming. The demand to be diligent academically and accepted socially continues to increase as society changes.

The practice of yoga has been proven to have a significant effect on developing the balance and resilience needed to work through these challenges and stressors on physical, emotional and mental levels. Adding movement to learning strongly affects the ability to learn and retain information.


With Youngster Yogi, students learn how to become more mindful, aware and focused, as well as how to better manage their thoughts/emotions despite what they are facing. The program is structured to not only keep students active, engaged and focused, but to also provide education through psycho-education and yoga. Classes include a lecture based on the featured topic, as well as a physical yoga class unless otherwise specified. The yoga class incorporates postures, mindful movements, partner and group work, breath awareness, relaxation techniques, games and more.


Youngster Yogi partners with yoga studios, elementary, middle & high schools, mental health settings and private events. Please contact us to host your upcoming event or stay tuned for an upcoming class/workshop near you

Class/Workshop Options

45 minutes class

  • 5-minute introduction  

  • 10-minute lecture on topic

  • 25-minute yoga class 

  • 5-minute Q&A and closing


1 hour class

  • 5-minute introduction 

  • 15-minute lecture on topic 

  • 35-minute yoga class 

  • 5-minute Q&A and closing 



1.5 hour class

  • 5-minute introduction 

  • 20-minute lecture on topic 

  • 45-minute yoga class

  • 15-minute activity/game

  • 5-minute Q&A and closing



*30 class and workshop topics to choose from* 


“Working with the youth population has been a huge passion of mine since high school. Starting with middle school, I really struggled with finding myself. I come from a challenging childhood. My desire to work with adolescents stems from me feeling as though I didn't have anyone to trust, communicate with and help me work through such intense experiences. My goal is to reach and inspire children and adolescents to connect, love and accept themselves. My goal is to provide a safe and judgment-free zone as we explore different challenges and aspects of life. My goal is to create a place where children learn how to embrace themselves with love and respect, and be able to share that inner love and light with the world around them.”

- Tiffany Wright

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