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6-Session Integrated Wellness Program

6-Session Integrated Wellness Program


What's Included?

  • Comprehensive intake session to tailor the program to your individual needs
  • 3 sessions of yoga and 3 sessions of therapy, alternating to integrate mind-body techniques
  • Progress tracking and adjustments as needed
  • Ongoing communication and support throughout the program
  • Optional homework assignments to deepen your practice and understanding
  • Need Financial Support?

    In recognition that the complex systems in this world do not provide all peoples' with the same privileges and accessibility, “Yoga Meets Therapy” offers sessions on a sliding scale. This offering is a practice of trust, community building, and recognition of economic inequalities based in injustice systems. By leading by example and integrity we can foster more equitable spaces for all folks--you get to be a part of that.

    Sliding Scale Descriptions: 

    • Community Supported: Reduced rate for those that would find it difficult to meet basic needs if they were to pay a higher rate. 

    • Community Sustainer: The true, equitable value of the personally curated sessions. 

    • Community Builder: For those with positionally to pay above slightly above the true value in order to pay-it-forward, opening the doors for those who need the community supported rate, and to support other community based work offered for free or reduced rates.

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